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Elementary School Resources

Fossils of Today

Grades: 2-5

This inquiry-based exercise, courtesy of the Hefner Zoology Museum at Miami University, uses stories and activities to illustrate to students what fossils are and how they form. Also, it promotes a higher level of thinking by encouraging students to think about what the fossils that are being made in the present day will mean in the future. The students will read two entertaining stories, including one from the Magic School Bus series, to pique their interest. After the readings, students will observe fossils and also examples of things from this day and age that may become fossils. Link to "Fossils of Today" (courtesy of the Hefner Zoology Museum at Miami University).

Fossil Concentration

Grades: 3-6

Link to the classroom activity entitled "Fossil Concentration" (courtesy of the Hefner Zoology Museum at Miami University), which gives students the opportunity to identify fossils in their own backyard! This activity is best for students in southwestern Ohio schools, but it can also be interesting for all students. The activity involves a story describing a teacher's walk through the local area. As students listen, they fill out their own fossil identification sheet.

Trilobite Mask

Grades: K-4

Students can have fun with geology by creating their own trilobite mask! Stephen Greb, of the Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky created this activity for students ranging from K-4.

Virtual Field Trip

Take your classroom on a field trip from the comfort of their desks! Explore geology with an online tour of Peffer Park in Oxford, OH.

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