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The Jewish Studies Program provides an interdisciplinary minor and a thematic sequence. These are available to all Miami students. The minor offers students a variety of critical approaches to Jewish history, religion, thought, and culture from Ancient times to the present.

Jewish Studies is a flexible minor that encourages students to pursue their particular interests across a wide range of disciplines and periods. Students can select courses that focus on the following topics:

  • religious practices and their history
  • secular literature, art, and cinema
  • modern Jewish thought and politics
  • history of anti-Semitism
  • Holocaust and its representation
  • modern Hebrew language
  • other subjects

Jewish Studies courses are offered in a wide range of programs and departments including American Studies, Classics, Comparative Religion, English, French, German, History, Italian Studies, Psychology, and Russian. Jewish Studies credits may be transferred from other institutions, and experience in accredited international programs may be applicable.


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