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Confict, Peace and Diplomacy Concentration Requirement

Study abroad students practicing martial arts in China photoConflict, Peace and Diplomacy is a functional concentration that meets the concentration requirement for the ITS major.

Take mandatory course:

Take remaining 3 courses from Groups A and B in the tables below, with no more than 1 course from Group B. You may take all 12 hours from group A. Conflict, Peace, and Diplomacy requires only 2 different disciplines. Distribute coursework among at least 2 different disciplines.

Group A Courses

Course Title Hours
AMS 302 Transnational America 3
ATH 431/531 Origins of the State 3
ATH 434/534 Anthropology of Democracy and Citizenship 3
ECO 441 International Trade and Commercial Policy 3
HST 222 US Diplomatic History Since 1914 ** 3
POL 221 Modern World Governments 4
POL 326 Comparative Ethnic Politics 3
POL 373 American Foreign Policy ** 3
POL 374 Comparative Foreign Policies 3
POL 376 U.S. National Security Policy 3
POL 381 Global Governance 3
POL 382 International Law 3
POL 386 Global Competition * 3
POL 387 Comparative Security Issues 3
POL 471 The International System 3
POL 486/586 Global Trade & Investment 4

  * Offered infrequently
** If you take HST 222 and POL 373, you cannot count both as meeting the requirements of the concentration. For the sake of the concentration requirements, HST 222 and POL 373 are considered equivalent. POL 373 does not count toward the history component for the concentration; a course in the history department must be taken.

Group B Courses

Course Title Hours
HST 275 20th Century European Diplomacy 3
HST 318 British Empire 3
HST 332 Age of Dictators: Europe 1914-1945 3
HST 333 Reconstruction of Europe Since 1945 3
POL 378 Latin America: The Region and the World 3
POL 423 European Union: Politics and Policies 4
POL 424 Transatlantic Seminar:
Politics of International Business **

** Offered as a summer course only

Most departments periodically offer special courses (not listed in catalog) under "0" ending numbers; check specific titles at time of their offering. Courses in a language will not count if they are in the principle language of the student. Exceptions allowed: CHI 252, 255; FRE 366, 411; GEO 250, 261, 304, 305; JPN 172, 254; RUS 137, 255, 256; and SPN 433; so long as they are not used toward language requirement hours. Most "regional" courses taken in overseas study programs can be credited toward the foreign area emphasis component of the major; however, students should consult the Director prior to departure to determine which courses are appropriate.


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