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2013 Annual Report [PDF]

International Studies at Miami University

The Global Environment Concentration Requirement

North African dunes photoThe Global Environment is a functional concentration that meets the concentration requirement for the ITS major.

Take 12 credit hours, representing at least 3 different disciplines, from the table below.

Note: A cross-listed course can represent any one of the disciplines for which it is cross-listed. For example, BOT/MBI/ZOO 115 can be used for the Botany, Microbiology, or the Zoology disciplines.

Course Title Hours
ATH 348 Culture, Illness, and Healing ** 3
ATH 448 Developing Solutions in Global Health 3
BOT/MBI/ZOO 115 Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity 4
First Year Seminar in Environmental Science 1
Principles of Environmental Science 3
BWS/HST 495 Modern African Environmental History * 3
CHM 111 Chemistry in Modern Society
(for non-science majors)
CHM 131 Chemistry of Life Processes 4
ECO 434 Environmental Economics 3
ENV 274 Introduction to Environmental Principles 3
ENV/IES 440 Contemporary Topics in Environmental Sciences 1-3
GEO 111 World Regional Geography: Patterns and Issues 3
GEO 211 Global Change 3
GEO 271 Human Dimensions of
Natural Resource Conservation
GEO 304 Latin American Development 3
GEO 333 Geography of Natural Hazards 3
GEO 401 Sustainable Regions 3
GEO 405 The Caribbean in Global Context 3
GEO 416/516 Connections: Understanding Tropical Ecology and Natural History via Belize, Central America 5
GEO/WGS 436 Women, Gender
and the Environment
IES/PCE 244 Introduction to
Environmental Engineering
IES/LAS 414 Latin American
Environmental Affairs
IES 431 Principles and Application of Environmental Sciences 3
IES 450 Environmental Law 3

  * Offered infrequently
** ATH 155 or ATH 175 is a prerequisite for ATH 348.

Most departments periodically offer special courses (not listed in catalog) under "0" ending numbers; check specific titles at time of their offering. Courses in a language will not count if they are in the principle language of the student. Exceptions allowed: CHI 252, 255; FRE 366, 411; GEO 250, 261, 304, 305; JPN 172, 254; RUS 137, 255, 256; and SPN 433; so long as they are not used toward language requirement hours. Most "regional" courses taken in overseas study programs can be credited toward the foreign area emphasis component of the major; however, students should consult the Director prior to departure to determine which courses are appropriate.


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