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2013 Annual Report [PDF]

International Studies at Miami University

Africa Concentration Requirement

Study abroad students in Uganda photoAfrica is a regional concentration that meets the concentration requirement for the ITS major.

Take 12 credit hours, representing at least 3 different disciplines, from the table below.

Note: A cross-listed course can represent any one of the disciplines for which it is cross-listed. For example, ATH/BWS 366 can be used for either the Anthropology or the Black World Studies disciplines.

Course Title Hours
ART 309 The Arts of African Peoples 3
ATH 329 Religions of Africa 3
ATH/BWS 366 African Oral Traditions 3
BOT/GEO 496 Biodiversity of Kenya 5
BWS 156 Introduction to Africa 4
BWS/HST 224 Africa in History 3
BWS/HST 225 The Making of Modern Africa 3
BWS 243 Origins of the African Diaspora: A History of European Slavers 3
BWS/FST 267 National Cinemas: African Film 3
BWS/GEO 301 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa 4
BWS 339/POL 338 Contemporary African Politics 4
BWS 341 East African History 3
BWS 342 Africa Since 1945 3
BWS 381 African Lusophone Literature 3
BWS 383 By or About (Afro-) Brazilian Women 3
BWS 385 Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas 3
BWS 438 Africa in the Global Economy 3
BWS/HST 495 Modern African Environmental History * 3
GEO/ATH/BWS/REL 209 Civilizations of Africa 3
ITS 302 Problems of Non-Western Societies ** 3

  * Offered infrequently
** Cannot double with core requirements.

Most departments periodically offer special courses (not listed in catalog) under "0" ending numbers; check specific titles at time of their offering. Courses in a language will not count if they are in the principle language of the student. Exceptions allowed: CHI 252, 255; FRE 366, 411; GEO 250, 261, 304, 305; JPN 172, 254; RUS 137, 255, 256; and SPN 433; so long as they are not used toward language requirement hours. Most "regional" courses taken in overseas study programs can be credited toward the foreign area emphasis component of the major; however, students should consult the Director prior to departure to determine which courses are appropriate.

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