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Current students talk about the environmental science co-major in the context of their Miami experiences.

Ian Winner (2012)

Ian Winner photoopenquoteI did not always want to go into environmental work. My 'light bulb moment' came freshman year when my friend Brian told me about the effects of bottled water. Soon thereafter, I bought a reusable water bottle and was well on my way to becoming an environmentalist.closequote

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John Whalen (2013)

John Whalen photoopenquoteI picked up the environmental science co-major right away. I thought all of the required courses sounded interesting and the co-major would give me a more liberal education ... My plans now include graduate school to study marine biology or environmental science policy and management.closequote

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April Maurer (2012)

April Maurer photoopenquoteGrowing up, I was taught to respect and care for the environment. I wanted to come out of college with not only the tools to be successful but also the background necessary to enjoy and find meaning in my work. At Miami, I was able to achieve the environmental science co-major while still having flexibility in which classes I would take.closequote

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Erin Bozarth (2013)

Erin Bozarth photoopenquoteAt Miami, I'm involved in a brand new chapter of Net Impact, ... it focuses on social as well as environmental responsibility ... This chapter was just recently founded at Miami and everyone has really high hopes to make Miami and Oxford greener through our work!closequote

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Anne Golembeski (2012)

Anne Golembeski photoopenquoteI'm involved in Miami's student environmental group, Green Oxford. We do a number of projects throughout the year to promote sustainability in the Miami and Oxford communities. I've personally been involved in organizing our annual Earth Day 5K for the past two years.closequote

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Kate Ceronie (2012)

Kate Ceronie photoopenquoteI focused [my research] on the history of environmental literature, and looked at how the writing of authors like Emerson and Thoreau, who are generally classified within the realm of literature, had an effect on the American environmental movement.closequote

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Jeena Credico (2013)

Jeena Credico photoopenquoteI've found that the [environmental science] co-major has allowed me to diversify my learning and gain a more global perspective on how other people view the environment ... after taking the courses required for the co-major, I've become more passionate about how successful conservation efforts can be established.closequote

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