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Other Miami University Museums

Miami University offers a variety of other museums. When you visit the Limper Geology Museum, take advantage of the opportunity to learn about zoology, botany, anthropology, and art, especially of the local area. History lovers can stop by the McGuffey Museum, a national historic landmark on Miami University's campus.

The Robert A. Hefner Zoology Museum

100 Upham Hall
(513) 529-2232

For fifty years, the Hefner Museum has entertained and educated Oxford citizens, Miami University faculty and students, as well as K-12 students, teachers, relatives, and friends. If you like birds, visit the museum's Clark Lloyd Egg Case; perhaps you would be more interested in the "touch boxes," antique cedar chests containing antlers, fossils, and shells. You might also like to see how an Ohio naturalist from the nineteenth centry lived and worked.

Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium

79 Upham Hall
(513) 529-2755

Got a green thumb? Interested in defining plant types? This botany museum holds a vascular plant type collection consisting of 539 sheets of (primarily) North American specimens. Currently, the museum boasts a collection of over 2,000 lichens and 3,000 fungi.

The Anthropology Museum

180 Upham Hall
(513) 529-2628

The Art Museum

Patterson Avenue
(513) 529-2232

William Holmes McGuffey Museum National Historic Landmark

410 E. Spring Street
(513) 529-8380

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