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The Makaroff Group


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Christopher A.  Makaroff, Jr.

Research Group


Research Interests:
Protein structure/function relationships

Molecular and cellular biology of meiosis

Chromosome structure

Chemical detoxification

Selected Links:

Digital Lab Techniques ManualVideo explanation of how to titrate, measure pH, use a balance, etc.

PRIMER 3  This website helps in designing primers for PCR or designing a hybridization probe. The researcher can play around with various parameters for stringency of the primer. You can choose the length of the product desired, allocate a range within which the GC% should be and also request for primers within a particular range of Tm.

CBFG  The Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics at Miami University
TAIR The Arabidopsis information resource. Resources pertaining to both genetics and molecular biology is maintained by them and accessed world wide. Their European counterpart is called as NASC.

AGRIKOLA The Arabidopsis Genomic RNAi Knock-down Line Analysis, maintains a collection of RNAi plasmids for various genes and for most of them they also have plants that are transformed with the plasmid.

ATTED II The Arabidopsis thaliana trans-factor and cis-element prediction database. This website provides co regulated gene relationships in Arabidopsis thaliana to estimate gene functions.

GENEVESTIGATOR The Genevestigator is a web-based discovery tool to study the expression and regulation of genes, pathways and networks. Easy-to-use tools allow you to look at gene expression in many different tissues, at multiple developmental stages, or in response to large sets of stimuli, drug treatments, or mutations.

The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System

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