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Student Profile: Rashay Davis (Class of 2014)

Rashay Davis photo

  • majors in Black World Studies and Journalism
  • from Cleveland, OH

What brought you to Miami?

"I had an English teacher who graduated from Miami who I really liked; so I applied. I also received the best financial aid award package from Miami."

How would you describe your experience at Miami?

"In the beginning, it was a culture shock. I had grown up in a predominately black community and I rarely interacted with people outside of my race. It was hard (and still can be hard) for me when I was the only person [in a class], not just female, but of my race. It made me feel as though I shouldn't be there.

"However, these feelings were fleeting moments few and far between. I enjoy my classes for the most part and I feel as though my presence is great not only for me but for my classmates.

"Outside of my academic experiences, I have been a part of numerous organizations attempting to find my niche. My favorite organization that I am part of is, by far, Love You Like A Sister (LYLAS), a women's support group. In this organization, I have made life-long friends and gained tons of leadership experience."

What has been one of your most meaningful experiences at Miami?

"One of my most meaningful experiences at Miami occurred during the Spring 2012 semester. I was still attempting to adjust as Public Relations co-chair for LYLAS and it was a very hard and stressful job. I really wanted to pull off a great Aids Awareness Fashion Show and it just kept seeming like everything was falling apart and it was my entire fault.

"In the end, the women of LYLAS and I pulled together and put on a great show. All the tears, late nights, and chaos all seemed less important because I had made it ... we had made it."

What are your plans after graduation? And what are you doing while at Miami to specifically prepare you for your career or future goals?

"I would like to attend graduate school. Then go on to work in public relations for other organizations dedicated to the underrepresented. I am a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and Public Relations co-chair for LYLAS."

What advice would you give other students about their time at Miami?

"Get out and get involved. Enjoy your time here and make connections because those connections along with experience and grades will benefit you in your future endeavors."

Ten years from now, when we contact you for an update, what will you most likely be doing?

"I will be working for a non-profit organization or a publications company as their PR rep and hopefully be a published author by that time."

[December 2012]


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