photo Neal   H.  Sullivan , Affiliate Assistant Professor in Botany
Miami University
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Advct of Resrch & Schlrshp,Ofc
Oxford , OH , 45056 United States
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(2001) University of Missouri

Areas of Expertise

Forest Ecology and landscape level modeling of forest processes

Research Interests

Broadly trained in forestry and forest ecology, I have widely ranging interests. Ultimately, I am interested in identifying and developing indices of ecological processes, particularly those processes affected by a potentially changing climate. Expressing physiological based processes at a landscape scale is fraught with quantitative difficulties. For this reason I am interested in developing relevant indices of ecological behavior that are practical for modeling at a landscape scale. Opportunities for research have taken me to Puerto Rico to study the influence of catastrophic disturbance (hurricane) on foliar decomposition, to North Carolina to study carbon dioxide uptake and release from forest canopy trees and from soils, and to Missouri to study acorn production influences and modeling at a landscape scale. While in Missouri, I was also involved with a study of the productivity of forests in the seven-state North Central region of the U.S. While in all of these places I was a involved with other interesting ecological studies with a particular emphasis on designing, building, implementing, and repairing field equipment ranging from infra-red cameras to monitor nest predation to multi-channel soil and stem respiration samplers.

Selected Publications

Sullivan, N.H. 2004. Monitoring global climate change: The Missouri AmeriFlux site. The Glade Vol 7(1). April 2004. icon

Shifley, S.R. and N.H. Sullivan. 2002. The Status of Timber Resources in the North Central Region: A summary of forest conditions, removals, consumption, and opportunities in t6he 7-State North Central Region. USDA Forest Service. North Central Research Station. GTR-NC-228. 48 p. icon

Sullivan, N.H. 2001. An Algorithm for a Landscape Level Model of Mast Production. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Missouri. Columbia, Missouri. icon

Cecich, R,A. and N.H. Sullivan. 1999. Influence of weather at time of pollination on acorn production of Quercus alba and Q. velutina. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 29: 1817-1823. icon

Sullivan, N.H., W.B. Bowden, and W.H. McDowell. 1999. Short-term disappearance of foliar litter of three species before and after a hurricane. Biotropica. 31(3): 382-393. icon

Sullivan, N.H. , P.V. Bolstad and J.M. Vose. 1996. Net photosynthesis parameters for twelve tree species in a mature hardwood forest of the Southern Appalachians. Tree Physiology. 16: 397-406. icon

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