photo Roger  D. Meicenheimer , Professor
Miami University: Department of Botany
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Oxford , OH , 45056 United States
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(1980) Washington State University

Areas of Expertise

Developmental plant anatomy, plant morphogensis, pattern formation in plants, and phyllotaxis-Plant Identification Expert Systems

Research Interests

My long range research goal is to provide a bridge between theoretical models and established observations of plant morphogenesis through empirical quantification of plant growth and development. My interest centers upon changes which occur in plant form and structure during the natural course of ontogeny. Recognition of correlations existing between such changes and experimentally induced and/or inherited abnormalities of plant morphology and plant anatomy is my prime research objective. To attain this objective, plant growth phenomena are quantified utilizing interactive computer graphic techniques in combination with scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy, and growth studies. These data, in addition to serving as heuristic devices, provide a means for testing existing hypotheses on control mechanisms of plant growth and development.

Current research in my lab is centered upon the development of empirical models for pattern formation processes common to a variety of shoot apical meristem systems ranging from leafy liverworts to Arabidopsis.  These models examine the spatial and temporal changes that occur in endogenous auxin distribution within the cells of the shoot apical meristem from which leaf primordia and associated tissues will arise.  Development of these models will permit rigorous tests of the hypothesis that de nova synthesis of auxin is a critical step in leaf pattern formation processes in a wide range of plant taxa.

Other research topics that I have long standing interest in include mechanisms of discontinuous changes in leaf patterns (phyllotaxis), gravitropic responses of plant stems, and the genetic control of vegetative morphogenesis. 

Selected Publications

Roger D. Meicenheimer. 2006.  Stem Unit Growth Analysis of Linum usitatissimum (Linaceae) Internode. The American Journal of Botany.  93(1): 55–63.

Groot, E. P. and R. D. Meicenheimer.  2000.  Short-Day-Grown Arabidopsis thaliana Satisfies the Assumptions of the  Plastochron Index as a Time Variable in Development.  International Journal of  Plant Science.  161(15):  749-756.

Groot, E. P. and R. D. Meicenheimer.  2000.  Comparison of Leaf Plastochron Index and Allometric Analyses of Tooth Development in Arabidopsis thalianaJournal of Plant Growth Regulation.  19:  77-89.

Meicenheimer, R. D.  1998.  Decussate to spiral discontinuous transitions. In:  Symmetry in Plants.  R. Jean and D. Barbare' (eds.) World Scientific Publ. Co.

Meicenheimer, R. D. and T. A. Nackid. 1994. Gravitropic response of Kalenchoe stems.  International Journal of  Plant Science.  155:  395-404.

Meicenheimer, R. D. 1992. Cellular basis for growth and tissue differentiation patterns in Linum usitatissimum (Linaceae) stems: the stem unit. American Journal of Botany. 79:914-920.


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