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(1985) The University of Connecticut

Areas of Expertise

The systematics and evolution of vascular plants, especially pterdophytes; flora of the Bahamas

Research Interests

Morphology and systematics, especially of pteridophytes. Origin and diversity of the Bahamian flora. Pedagogy and college teaching.

Selected Publications

2011. Link-Perez, M.A. and R. J. Hickey. Revision of Adiantopsis radiata (Pteridaceae) with Descriptions of New Taxa with Palmately Compound Laminae. Systematic Botany 36(3): 565-582.

2011. Link-Perez, M. A., Watson, L. E. and R. J. Hickey. Redefinition of Adiantopsis Fée (Pteridaceae): Systematics, diversification, and biogeography. Taxon 60(5): 1255-1268.

2011. McCarthy, M. R. and R. J. Hickey. Adiantum mariposatum (Pteridaceae), a new species from Ecuador. American Fern Journal. 101(1):1-5.

2010. Hickey, R. J., E. E. Schussler & N. G. Solomon, eds. Laboratory Experiences for Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity. Hayden-McNeill Publishing, Plymouth, MI.

2009. Hickey, R. J., C. A. McCluf & M. Link-Perez. Isoetes maxima, a new species of quillwort from eastern Brazil. American Fern Journal 99: 194-199.

2008. Patra, B., Subir Bera and R. James. Hickey. Soral Crypsis: A Protective Mimicry of Coccid on Indian Fern. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 50: 653-658.

2008. Strittmatter, Lara I., R. J. Hickey and V. Negrón-Ortiz. Heterochrony and its role in sex determination of cryptically dioecious Consolea (Cactaceae) staminate flowers. Botanical Journal of the Linnaen Society 156: 305-326.

2007. Macluf, C. C. and R. James Hickey. Isoetes araucaniana, a New Species from Southern South America. American Fern Journal 97: 46-50.

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2006. Strittmatter, L. I., V. Negron-Ortiz and R. J. Hickey. Comparative microsporangium development in male-fertile and male-sterile flowers of Consolea (Cactaceae): when and how does pollen abortion occur. Grana 45:81-100.

2006. Freid, E. H., M. A. Vincent and R. J. Hickey. Additions to the flora of Abaco Island, Bahamas. Bah. Natur. and J. of Sci. 1: 16-19.

2006. Book Review: Hickey, R. J. Ferns of Northeastern and Central North America, 2nd ed. American Fern Journal.

2005. Hickey, R. J. and M. A. Vincent. Nearing a point of no return with Schinus terebinthifolius in the Bahamas. Proc. of the Conference on the Natural History of Andros Islands, Feb. 4th & 5th. Stafford Creek, Andros Island, Bahamas.

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2005: Barker, M. S., S. W. Shaw, R. J. Hickey, J. E. Rawlins and J. W. Fetzner, Jr. Microlepidopteran Soral Crypsis on Caribbean Ferns. Biotropica 37: 314-316.

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