photo Alfredo  J. Huerta , Associate Professor
Miami University: Department of Botany
392 Pearson
Oxford , OH , 45056 United States
(513) 529-4257


(1987) University of California, Riverside

Areas of Expertise

Plant stress metabolism and environmental physiology

Research Interests

My research interests are centered around the general areas of environmental physiology and stress metabolism. Currently, work in my laboratory is diverse and includes research on the mechanisms of drought resistance, heavy metal toxicity, and a study of the mode of action of novel synthetic compounds in modifying plant growth and agricultural productivity. My laboratory is well-equipped with modern instrumentation and computers for data acquisition and control. Available equipment and techniques in my laboratory include HPLC, GC, AA, photosynthetic equipment including photosynthesis and transpiration, spectrofluorometry, spectrophotometry, as well as others.

I am currently involved in a collaborative research project with the University of Tamaulipas in Mexico for the development of drought-resistant grain sorghum. My work involves identifying useful physiological traits associated with drought resistance that can be used as selection criteria for breeding programs. Future plans are to do basic and applied research in metabolic and physiological factors limiting productivity and adaptation of plants to environmental stress.

Selected Publications

Walley JW and AJ Huerta. In Press, 2010 . Exposure to environmentally relevant levels of cadmium primarily impacts transpiration in field-grown soybean. Journal of Plant Nutrition.

Fondom NY, S Castro-Nava, and AJ Huerta, 2009. Seasonal variation in photosynthesis and diel carbon balance under natural conditions in two Peperomia species that differ with respect to leaf anatomy. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 136(1):57-69.

Fondom NY, S Castro-Nava, and AJ Huerta, 2009. Protoprotective mechanisms during leaf ontogeny: cuticular development and anthocyanin deposition in two morphs of Agave striata that differ in leaf coloration. Botany (formerly Canadian Journal of Botany) 87:1186-1197.

Smith-Huerta N.L., S.R. Carrino-Kyker and A.J. Huerta.  2007. The effects of maternal and paternal nutrient status on pollen performance in the wildflower Clarkia unguiculata Lindley (Onagraceae).  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 134:451-457.

Fischer M, J Cox, DJ Davis, A Wagner, R Taylor, AJ Huerta, and NP Money. 2004. New information on the mechanism of forcible ascospore discharge from Ascobolus immersus. Fungal Genetics and Biology 41:698-707.

Gitz DC, L Liu-Gitz, JW McClure, and AJ Huerta. 2004. Effects of a PAL inhibitor on phenolic accumulation and UV-B tolerance in Spirodela intermedia (Koch.). Journal of Experimental Botany 55(398):919-927.

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