The Department of Botany offers programs leading to masters (M.A. and M.S.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees. The Department also participates in the Masters of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree in the biological sciences.

Our Mission is to discover and convey scientific knowledge about the biology of plants and to promote awareness and appreciation of the diverse and vibrant field of botany.

Our Vision is to be a progressive department that serves as a national center for the plant sciences, by training graduates who will be leaders in botanical education and research, and to energize the public appreciation of plants, fungi, and protists.

Our Core Value is Plant Biology, including the critical interactions and relationships to other organisms (i.e., Botany). The Department has expertise in two broad areas: the organismal and cellular/molecular levels, which are not mutually exclusive. We have built on these two strengths and continue to enhance these areas.

It is our philosophy that each graduate student should develop a broad understanding of basic biological principles in addition to obtaining specialized skills needed by the contemporary researcher. The botany faculty at Miami University is committed to the total development of our graduate student colleagues. Our job as faculty is to prepare students for a professional career as a plant scientist with expertise and proven credentials both as a scholar and as a teacher -- important attributes regardless of your career goals. A recent review of our doctoral program documented that 100% of our graduates are employed in the profession. Included among these were over 20 college/university faculty members and administrators and several CEO's in private sector biotechnology-oriented companies. Similar data characterize our masters degree recipients.

At the graduate level, we offer Plant Biology (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.), plus interdisciplinary certifications (M.S., Ph.D.) in Ecology and Molecular Biology. We are poised to fully participate in two proposed interdisciplinary doctoral programs within organismal (Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology) and cellular/molecular biology (Cellular, Molecular, and Structural Biology). Concentrations are available in ecology and systematics, cellular and molecular biology, developmental anatomy and morphology, and science education.

There are 26 graduate faculty in Botany, including adjunct faculty and affiliate faculty in cognate departments. The teaching and research efforts of the department are concentrated in the areas of developmental anatomy, ecology, molecular biology, comparative morphology, mycology, plant physiology, systematics, evolution, bioinformatics, and science education. Information regarding departmental course offerings may be obtained from the Graduate Bulletin.

Except for unusual circumstances, students are accepted into the graduate program under conditions of full financial support. This support includes both a tuition waver and assistantship support (for teaching or research activities). These assistantship salaries are nationally competitive and for the 2010-2011 Academic Year are $15,645 for Graduate Assistants (M.S. level) and $18,377 for Teaching Assistants (Ph.D. level). In addition, students enrolling for full-time summer research hours or course credit will receive a tax-free $1800 summer scholarship. Financial support for research is also available through the Academic Challenge Program as outlined on the 'Research Support' page.

Admission to the various programs is competitive and based on the evaluation of each candidate's credentials by the Department and Programs. Acceptance of candidates into the program is enhanced by providing ample evidence of their interest and ability to succeed in graduate school at Miami University. In addition to letters of recommendation and transcripts, students should submit GRE scores and contact potential advisors about research and professional goals.

Our last state mandated program review occurred in 2005-2006; our next program review will occur in 2011-2012. The department's graduate goals and objectives were reviewed in 2007.


Graduate Advisor:

Dr. Richard C. Moore

394 Pearson Hall

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