Plants continue to fascinate biologists, as they regulate global processes, form complex relationships with other organisms, and have intriguing patterns of development and diversity.  Plants provide medicinal compounds, shelter, fuel, food, and oxygen, and support the existence of life on Earth.  We invite you to explore why Miami is the place to study plants.  As one of the premier plant biology departments in the nation, we offer a modern curriculum, and our graduates are overwhelmingly successful in the profession.  We offer undergraduate degrees in Botany, Environmental Science, and Biotechnology, and graduate degrees at the masters and doctoral levels with research foci ranging from molecules to ecosystems.  Our goal is to provide students with high quality classroom experiences with opportunities for research in the laboratory and field, so that they acquire the biological literacy and critical thinking skills necessary for successful careers in education, industry, and government, or to continue their education in graduate and professional schools. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our programs and career opportunities in Botany. 



Titan Arum has bloomed in the greenhouse

April 10, 2013

A Titan Arum, Amorphophallus titanum has bloomed, over at the Belk Greenhouse attached to Boyd Hall, on Western Campus. It is one of less than 200 that have ever bloomed in cultivation.

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