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Public Culture and Civic Engagement

Egg in gloves shadow box photoThis area of concentration (for the AMS major) focuses on the practices and activities of civic engagement, the construction of shared identity and public memory, and the interpretation, presentation, and preservation of cultural resources.

Students must select and take 18 credit hours with at least 12 hours at the 200 level and above, incorporating at least 3 different disciplines, from among the following courses.

[View course descriptions (The Miami Bulletin, 2013-2014).]

Course Title
ATH 212 Intro to Archaeological Theory and Methods
ATH 322 The American Community
ATH 371 Anthropology of National Parks and Protected Areas
ATH 441 Museum Development, Philosophy, and Social Context
ATH 443 The Museum Exhibit
ATH 444 Museum Collections Management and Conservation
ARC 188 Ideas in Western Architecture
ARC 321 History of Interiors
ARC 427 The American City Since 1940
ARC 445 Vernacular Architecture
CFA 201 Introduction to Arts Management
CFA 410 Advanced Topics in Arts Management
COM/HST 389 Great Issues in American History: Rhetoric and Reality
COM 437 Advocacy in Contemporary America
COM 438 Political Communication
ECO 331 Public Sector Economics
ECO 332 Health Economics
ECO 435 Urban and Regional Economics
ECO 451 Economic History
EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education
EDL 282 Cultural Studies, Power, and Education
EDL 344 Youth Subcultures, Popular Culture, & Non-Formal Education
FSW 201 Intro to Social Work
FSW 206 Social Welfare, Impact on Diverse Groups
FSW 309 Social Welfare Policy II
FSW 362 Family Poverty
FSW 462 Family Policy
FST/HST 252 Representations of History in Film and Video *
GEO 451 Urban and Regional Planning
GEO 454 Urban Geography
HST/AMS 204 Introduction to Public History
HST/AMS 304 History, Memory, Tradition
HST 311 Public Transportation in Early America
HST/AMS 433 Oral Tradition: History and Practice
HST/AMS 435 Public History Practicum
JRN 421 Capstone in Journalism
PHS 276 The Meaning of Leisure
POL 248 Urban and Community Politics
POL 261 Public Administration
POL 307 Public Opinion Laboratory
POL 355 Public Opinion and Political Behavior
POL 411 American Political Thought
POL 419 Civil Society and Modern Politics
POL 406 Public Policy Analysis Laboratory
POL 466 Public Policy Analysis
POL 467 Public Budgeting
SOC 201 Social Problems
SOC 202 Social Deviance
SOC 234 Historic Preservation: Social, Economic, and Physical Aspects
SOC 240 Contemporary Problems in the United States
SOC 335 Sociology of Education
SOC 347 Urban Sociology
SOC 411 Social Conflict
SOC 417 Economy and Society
THE 391 Modern American Theatre
THE 493 American Theatre

* Contingent on semester topic


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