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Student Profile: Meghan Moore (Class of 2012)

Meghan Moore photo

  • junior double major in American studies and public administration
  • Wilks Scholar
  • from Granby, MA

"My experience as an American Studies major is essential to my success at Miami. The interdisciplinary approach that the program takes allows me to learn about all different aspects of American culture through history, current events, community involvement and a diversity of sources. Connecting all of that information to figure out how culture is formed teaches me a great deal about American life and society, providing me with a better understanding of myself and of the culture I live in.

"The analytical skills I have developed within American Studies help me to excel in all my classes. Beyond that, the program prepares and inspires me to be an engaged and responsible citizen. When I graduate I will be prepared for a career, but as we often forget, students are not just future employees; we are future shareholders in our country's future.

"Another strength of the American Studies program is the close bond I have with my professors. Our discussions in and outside of class help me to grasp material or learn more about a topic I might be particularly interested in. Also, my sophomore year I studied abroad in Australia and my professors helped me plan so that I could study abroad and graduate on time. I took an Aboriginal art class, a youth and popular culture sociology class, and an Australian history class. The art class transferred as a Miami Plan course and the other two classes transferred as American Studies — and all of them were wonderful."

Wilks Leadership Institute

"In addition to being an American Studies and public administration major, I am a Wilks Scholar. The Harry T. Wilks Leadership Institute has a relationship with the American Studies Program that allows students to expand their education with additional guidance and resources. Through the institute I am in a two-year program that culminates in a sustainable community planning minor.

"The current section of the program is a semester-long internship. This semester I am interning for an investment council in Cincinnati working for their socially responsible investment team. I would not have such an internship without being an American Studies major, because the company was looking for an intern who had more diverse experiences than just a business background.

"As I work there I find myself constantly utilizing the skills and knowledge I have learned in my AMS classes. For example, defining and working on community issues in class has helped me to define what corporate responsibility is, a major element of my work as an intern."

"Overall American Studies has helped guide my education and my passions, and has prepared me for life after Miami. My major put me on a path that helped me build a resume I am confident about, combined with a unique degree that sets me up to be a desirable and successful candidate for a number of different careers. American Studies has allowed me to get everything out of Miami I hoped for and more."

[September 2010]


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