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Student Profile: Chris Mayer (Class of 2013)

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  • junior double major in American studies and philosophy
  • from Medina, OH

The most exciting aspect of American studies for me is the interdisciplinary nature of the major.

On American Studies

"My very first semester at Miami I took my first American Studies class. I had selected the class randomly during orientation and never envisioned it as a possible major. At the time I had my heart set on psychology. Yet, a year later I officially declared myself an American Studies major, and I haven't looked back.

"The most exciting aspect of American Studies for me is the interdisciplinary nature of the major. I love working with all the different social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology as well as history. Pulling from all these disciplines never leaves a dull moment. The major allows me to study the things I love, such as pop culture; this academic freedom is simply not available in many other majors.

"Not only do I have the academic freedom to study whichever aspects of American culture I want, I have many internship and research opportunities. The American Studies faculty is full of knowledgeable, and enthusiastic professors. Every American Studies class I have taken has always been both engaging and impactful."

My Own Concentration

"I had the opportunity to develop my own concentration; it can best be defined as 'gender and mass media.' My course schedule includes women's studies and mass communications courses alongside American Studies courses. I love studying how gender is mediated and constructed in our culture, specifically examining advertising, film, and television."

My Future Plans

"After studying American Studies at Miami, I hope to move on to an American studies graduate program and one day to teach and/or do research."

[October 2011]


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