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American Institutions, Ideas, and Experiences

Education machine shadow box photoThis area of concentration (for the AMS major) focuses on the core institutions, ideas, and expressions that define America as a nation and an ideal. It provides a traditional American Studies track.

Students must select and take 18 credit hours with at least 12 hours at the 200 level and above, incorporating at least 3 different disciplines, from among the following courses.

[View course descriptions (The Miami Bulletin, 2013-2014).]

Course Title
ARC 225 Design and Human Behavior
ARC 426 Architecture and Society
ART 488 American Art
ENG 141 Life and Thought in American Literature to 1865
ENG 142 Life and Thought in American Literature 1865-1945
ENG 143 Life and Thought in American Literature 1945 to Present
ENG 282 American Fiction
ENG 293 Contemporary American Fiction
ENG 346 Modern English and American Drama
ENG 349 Colonial and Early National American Literature
ENG 352 American Literature, 1810-1865
ENG 353 American Literature, 1865-1914
ENG 355 American Literature, 1945-Present
ENG 440 Major English and American Writers*
GEO 219 Geography of the United States and Canada
HST 111 Survey of US History, Colonial Period to Reconstruction
HST 112 Survey of US History, Reconstruction to Present
HST 212 Recent American History 1945 to Present
HST 219 US Diplomatic History to 1914
HST 222 US Diplomatic History Since 1914
HST 223 Assassinations in US History
HST 261 History of Ohio
HST 348 Witch Crazes and Other "Great Fears" in Europe and America
HST 361 Colonial America
HST 362 The Era of the American Revolution
HST 363 The Early Republic 1783-1815
HST 364 The Early American Republic 1815-1850
HST 365 Civil War and Reconstruction
HST 367 The United States in the 1960s
HST 368 20th Century America 1900-1933
HST 369 20th Century America since 1933
HST 387 US Constitutional Development to 1865
HST 388 US Constitutional Development since 1865
HST 389 Great Issues in American History: Rhetoric and Reality
HST 391 US Presidential Biography
HST 397 American Environmental History
HST 431 The US-Vietnam War
MUS 461 American Music
POL 342 American Political Careers
POL 343 American Presidency
POL 344 American Congress
POL 348 State Politics
POL 352 Constitutional Law and Politics
POL 353 Constitutional Rights and Liberties
POL 354 Constitutional Parties and the Election Process
POL 373 American Foreign Policy
POL 376 US National Security Policy
POL 411 American Political Thought
POL 450 Seminar on the American Political System
POL 459 Capstone Seminar on the American Political System
REL 341 Protestantism and the Development of American Culture
REL 442 Religion, Society, and Culture in New England
SOC 240 Contemporary Problems in the US
THE 391 Modern American Theatre
THE 493 American Theatre

* Contingent on semester topic


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