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Diversity and Difference

Don't tell shadow box photoThis area of concentration (for the AMS major) focuses on the diversity of cultures that come together in the United States, addressing issues of race, gender, class, religion, ethnicity, sexual identity, and other social categories. It provides the equivalent of an ethnic studies track.

Students must select and take 18 credit hours with at least 12 hours at the 200 level and above, incorporating at least 3 different disciplines, from among the following courses.

[View course descriptions (The Miami Bulletin, 2013-2014).]

Course Title
ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the US
ATH 303 Native American Culture
ATH 304 Contemporary Issues in Native American Life
ATH 364 Language and Culture in Native North America
ATH 476 Environment and Aging
BWS 151 Introduction to Black World Studies
BWS 370.E Feminism and the Diaspora: US Women of Color
COM 206 Diversity and Culture in American Film
COM 247 Rhetoric of Disability Rights
COM 281 Mediated Sexualities
REL/AMS 241 Religions of the American Peoples
REL/AMS 242 Religious Pluralism in Modern America
REL/AMS 442 Religion, Society, and Culture in New England
ECO 131 Economic Perspectives in Inequality in the US
EDL 282 Cultural Studies, Power, and Education
EDL 344 Youth Subcultures, Popular Culture, and the Non-Formal Education
EDL 401 Cultural Studies and the Complexity of Empowerment
ENG 162 Literature and Identity (US focus)
ENG 202 Varieties of English: Dialect Diversity and Language
ENG 232 American Women Writers
ENG 237 Gay and Lesbian Literature
ENG 248 Asian American Literature
ENG/LAS 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas
ENG 271 Cultures and Literature of the American South
ENG/BWS 336 African American Writing, 1746-1877
ENG/BWS 337 African American Writing, 1878-1945
ENG/BWS 338 African American Writing, 1946-Present
ENG 348 Ethnic American Literatures
ENG 390 Studies in American Regionalism
ENG 440 Major English and American Writers *
FSW 206 Social Welfare, Impact on Diverse Groups
FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle
FSW 309 Social Welfare Policy II
FSW 362 Family Poverty
GEO 201 Geography of Urban Diversity
GEO/BWS 455 Race, Urban Change, and Conflict in America
GER 151 The German-American Experience
GTY 154 Aging in American Society
GTY 463 Sociology of the Older Woman
GTY 464 Sociology of Retirement
GTY 468 The Aging Individual in a Changing Society
GTY 472 Minority Aging
HST 111 Survey of US History, Colonial Period to Reconstruction
HST 112 Survey of US History, Reconstruction to Present
HST 221 African-American History
HST 261 History of Ohio
HST 371 Native American History to 1800
HST 372 Native American History Since 1800
HST/AMS 382 Women in American History
HST 386 Race in US History
HST/AMS 392 Sex and Gender in American Culture
HST 395 The American South to 1877
HST 396 The American South Since 1877
HST/AMS 397 American Environmental History
HST 431 The US-Vietnam War
HST 450 Topics in Women's History *
LAS 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas
LAS 260 Latin America in the United States
LAS 478 Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean
MUS 285 A Survey of African and African-Derived Music in the Western World
MUS 385 The Roots of Black Music: Blues, Gospel, and Soul
MUS 386 The History and Development of Hip Hop Culture in America
PHS 279 African Americans in Sport
PHS 378 Sport and Social Status
PHS 475 Women, Gender Relations, and Sports
POL 142 American Politics and Diversity
POL 159 US Identity Politics
POL 347 Women and the Law
POL 357 Politics of Organized Interests
SOC 141 The Changing Dynamics of US Culture
SOC 152 Social Relations and US Cultures
SOC 203 Sociology of Gender
SOC 221 Human Sexuality
SOC 318 Sociology of Aging
SOC/BWS 348 American Minority Relations
SOC 372 Social Stratification
SOC/BWS 448 The African-American Experience
SPA 211 Deaf Culture and Community
WMS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies
WMS 301 Women and Difference: Intersections of Race, Class, and Sexuality

* Contingent on semester topic


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