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American Studies (AMS) offers an interdisciplinary major and minor that explores American culture from multiple perspectives.

As an American Studies student, you can:

Explore America from Different Perspectives

Students gain understanding of the United States in global context by making connections among a range of approaches from:

  • popular culture to mass media
  • history to art
  • politics to religious studies
  • and many others

Gain Career and Life Skills

The program fosters:

  • critical and creative thinking
  • interdisciplinary research
  • synthetic analysis
  • strong writing and oral presentation
  • interpretive approaches to multiple kinds of media and texts
  • broad understanding of social, cultural, and historical contexts
  • intercultural awareness

Students come away with the intellectual skills and perspective necessary to understand, contextualize, and critically engage the opportunities and challenges of our complex, changing, interdependent world. More importantly, they gain a broad contextual perspective that paves the way for meaningful and effective engagement in professional work and public life.

Students in American Studies have gained employment in advertising, public relations, marketing, sales, mass media, public history, cultural institutions, education, social work, and government and public sector work, among many others. They have gone on to pursue professional degrees in law, journalism, museum studies and public history, library science, and public policy; they have taken graduate degrees in academic fields such as history, literature, and American Studies.


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