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Benefits of Undergraduate Research

openquoteDr. Rachael Morgan-Kiss photo
The benefit of independent research for undergrads is ... [that it helps them] directly apply what they're learning in their classes to real-world problems in the laboratory ... helps them make better connections between all these different courses that they're taking in their majors.closequote

[Listen to Dr. Rachael Morgan-Kiss talk about the various benefits of undergraduate research.]

Focus on Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students

openquoteAnn Hagerman photo
I think Miami is an unusual university in that we focus on both undergraduate education and also on graduate education and research ... and we do a really great job at all those levels.closequote

[Listen to Dr. Ann Hagerman describe Miami qualities infrequently found at smaller or larger universities.]

Nathan Takes Courses That Interest Him

openquoteNathan Devore photo
I decided that I was interested in the history of science, so I went and took a course in the history of science. Or I decided that I was interested in classical architecture, so I went and took a class in classical architecture ... the liberal arts curriculum in Anthropology, in particular, really teaches you how to think and how to be a diagnostician.closequote

[Listen and watch Nathan Devore talk about majors, the pre-healthcare program, and selecting courses.]

Kara in Kosova

openquote Kara Ferguson photo
[Study abroad] is a great experience because you see the world from a different perspective ... I definitely think that Kosova changed me ... It changed me for the better, and I'm so happy I did it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.closequote

[Listen and watch Kara Ferguson talk about how her study abroad experience impacted her.]

How Tom Found His Major

openquoteTom Pyden photo I thought I needed to have a major when I came into school. I thought I needed to pick one out. I didn't realize that I had other options beforehand ... So I went into the Majors Fair ... And I sat down with one of the professors here, and he spoke about all of the research... and how there are so many opportunities to just go around the world and to see a lot of different stuff.closequote

[Listen and watch Tom Pyden talk about how the process of finally finding his ideal major.]


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