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Get Experiences That Put You on Your Path

openquoteHoward Hershey photoNo one is going to find you a job; no one is going to create a career for you. You're going to have to get those experiences somewhere that's going to put you on the path that you're ultimately going to be on, and I think you get those experiences here.closequote

[Listen to Howard Hershey talk about how his experiences at Miami were instrumental in beginning his career path.]

What You Need to Know to Do the Job

openquoteDirk Suter photoI think Miami gave me the tools to face the challenges that I've encountered over the years. Even in Texas, almost a thousand miles from here, Miami's reputation preceded me. People in business know the value of a Miami education and it carries some weight out there.closequote

[Listen to Dirk Suter describe how Miami taught him how to think.]

What You Really Take Away

openquoteBeth McNellie photoFor anyone to predict what life is going to look like when they're done with college, even, I think is kidding themselves. I think you really need to work on the fundamental skills that are going to form the foundation for whatever it is that you want to do.closequote

[Listen to Beth McNellie talk about how fundamental skills are important over the long run.]

Building International Partnerships

openquoteScott Glaser photoThere's no getting away from the fact that we increasingly live in a global environment, and that trend at Miami and the opportunities that Miami offers to study overseas and to gain that perspective are invaluable.closequote

[Listen to Scott Glaser talk about the value of Miami's study abroad opportunities in the current global environment.]

Why Am I Taking This Stuff?

openquoteRuss Starkey photoHere's what you need to think about. You'll get a good, solid liberal-based education [at Miami]… You need to think about that very seriously. If you want a good, solid undergraduate education, you go to a university where [undergraduate teaching is] their forte.closequote

[Listen to Russ Starkey about how he discovered the value of many of his courses long after he left Miami.]

English Major to Puppeteer & Editor

openquoteRebecca Bondor photoOne of the most significant things that happened to me here at Miami was I wrote a puppet script as a senior thesis, and the professor encouraged me to turn it into a full-out production… And this show was so successful that it gave me the confidence to write all of the puppeteer companies that were listed in The New Yorker magazine… one wrote me back and said… I could work for them.closequote

[Listen to Rebecca Bondor describe how a senior project at Miami led to an editorial career in New York City.]

Can You Be a Leader?

openquotePatrick Jones photo
When I think about being here at Miami, having been a fraternity president, having been involved with College Republicans, having been involved in the Honors Program, and just leadership opportunities in general, don't slight those… don't shirk the opportunity to — even whether it's through intramural sports or some other club activity — to get a chance to build some confidence and demonstrable skills in leadership.closequote

[Listen to Patrick Jones talk about the qualities that define leadership.]

Advice for COM and Marketing Majors

openquoteAndrew Strickman photo
One of the great things I loved about Miami — was that within days or weeks of getting here, I walked into the offices of the Miami Student (the school newspaper). I inquired about getting onto the writing staff and, before I left that day, I had my first assignment. And I just… don't think there are many schools like that.closequote

[Listen to Andrew Strickman talk about his summer internships, as well as the importance of being an information consumer.]

I Learned How to Think

openquoteMichael Jacoby photo
You take these courses when you're an undergrad. And it's so common to think, why will I ever need this? I'll never use this. I would tell you, between calculus and what I learned in economics, in terms of learning how to solve problems, understanding approaches to problems, I still use them every day.closequote

[Listen to Michael Jacoby explain how he 'learned to think' while he was an undergraduate at Miami.]

Liberal Arts Degree to Healthcare Career

openquoteMichele Molden photo
As a liberal arts undergraduate, I think the things that you hope to find in co-workers today are the things that I was taught. You have to write well. You have to be able to communicate well. And I believe communication and teamwork and interpersonal skills are still the basics of how anything gets done.closequote

[Listen to Michele Molden explain how the healthcare field is a great opportunity for students to apply their education.]

Don't Feel "Locked In"

openquoteDr. Deborah Wilson photo
I think the biggest mistake I made was feeling too locked into I had to follow a certain path to get from Point A to Point B. And the reality is you don't. I'm a better doctor because I ended up being a 'bent arrow' and not going from high school to college to medical school, but I did other things. Don't lose sight of grades and test scores and stuff, but enjoy college for the experience.closequote

[Listen to Dr. Deborah Wilson talk about how there is more than one path available to students who plan to attend medical school.]

Follow Your Heart

openquoteDr. Scott Pomeroy photo
I always encourage students to think about what's exciting to them, and what will take them through the challenges… if you stay focused on goals and things that you love, it makes getting through some of the bumps a lot easier and you'll stick with it.closequote

[Listen to Dr. Scott Pomeroy discuss some of the choices he made while beginning his career in medicine.]

Securing That First Job

openquoteRobert Essner photo
What we look for is an outstanding attitude, an attitude of someone who likes to say yes, who clearly can envision what they can do to help the organization, then goes out of the way to do it. And it's not just working hard. It's not just long hours. It's a sense that you get when you watch a younger person in your company that they care about what you care about.closequote

[Listen and watch Robert Essner talk about what employers look for when hiring.]


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