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Benefits of Undergraduate Research


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(In this video Dr. Rachael Morgan-Kiss, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, talks about the various benefits of undergraduate research. She was awarded an NSF CAREER grant in 2011. Dr. Morgan-Kiss describes her research in a video on the CAS website.)

"Since 2007, our lab has trained over 15 undergraduates on independent research projects. So, first of all, the benefit of independent research for undergrads is — I mean, obviously it's a huge benefit for their resumes — but it also gives them hands-on experience doing laboratory experiments, which really help them relate what they're learning in their classes, directly apply what they're learning in their classes to real-world problems in the laboratory. I think it also helps them make better connections between all these different courses that they're taking in their majors.

"The other side is that many of the undergrads do — in addition to just doing bench work — they're involved in writing things like grants. So there are a lot of internal grant opportunities for undergraduates. And many of the undergrads in my lab have successfully received research dollars or Summer Scholar dollars to do research. Obviously they have the experience of writing grants, but then they also have the added benefit of they've received scholarships and grants."

[February 2011]


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