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(Beth McNellie received a Bachelor of Philosophy degree [1986] in Interdisciplinary Studies from Miami. She is a Partner at Baker & Hostetler, LLP working in the firm's Columbus office. She is a member of the Arts & Science Alumni Advisory Board and a former Chair of the Pre-Law Alumni Advisory Board. In this video, Ms. McNellie talks about the importance of developing fundamental skills. Ms. McNellie describes how well her undergraduate studies prepared her for Columbia Law School in a video on Miami's Pre-Law Program website and how her interdisciplinary training informed her problem-solving abilities in a video on the Western Program website.)

"The world changes so fast any more. For anyone to predict what life is going to look like when they're done with college, even, I think is kidding themselves. I think you really need to work on the fundamental skills that are going to form the foundation for whatever it is that you want to do.

"Obviously there's a certain amount of subject-specific knowledge that you get in college, but the things that you really take away, that are going to last over the long run, don't have to do with what you learned in a microbiology class (not to pick on microbiology), because that knowledge base is going to continue to change as you grow in your career.

"But if you form the ability to look at the material critically, be able to engage somebody in a discussion in a way that's respectful and thoughtful, and can see the problem from multiple perspectives and to be able to articulate your views and to be able to change your views based on other inputs that come in later, I think that prepares you much better for life than something that you can learn like how do I put numbers in an account book."

[September 2011]


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